Professional consultation

Sometimes a short consultation is all you need to continue your course development, to create or revise your exam, or even to improve your lecture or seminar. Teachers with questions about their education can ask for a Professional consultation at the Centre for Teaching and Learning.


  • preliminary conversation, observation and review of your lecture
  • conversation with an educational advisor or teacher trainer to brainstorm new ideas

Examples of questions

  • Is this a quality exam and how can I improve it?
  • I would like to discuss a new forms of testing.
  • How can I more efficiently give feedback on student texts?
  • How can I encourage students to improve their preparation?
  • I would like to bounce ideas with someone on how to make my lectures more interesting for students.
  • What is a good way to implement ICT in my course?
  • Why do students stay away from my lectures?
  • How can I more efficiently use my teaching time?


The costs are dependent on the amount of consultation time. For teachers of Utrecht University there are no costs, because the professional consultation forms part of the EMP.


Requests for consultation can be made to the secretary:

T (030) 253 4472