Below, you will find information about the various possibilities for providing tutorials online, fitting teaching formats, suitable tools and available support.

Seminar room with hybrid function

Several seminar rooms have been set up to accommodate hybrid education. You can find more information about this on intranet. A manual explaining the practical and didactic steps has been developed for teaching in these rooms.

Standard seminar room

An additional webcam and microphone are installed in the standard seminar rooms, allowing live viewing of the seminar. You will find information about this on the following pages:

Online tutorials

For seminars in which both the instructor and students participate remotely, Microsoft Teams can be used. For more information, see the Teams for Education guide.

Teaching formats for in your online seminar meeting.

When you let your students prepare the material or make an assignment on their own, then the finished version of this can be placed online. This can be further elaborated on during the tutorial. Some examples of finished versions of assignments are:

  • A short video pitch that students record themselves, in which they present their answers to the assignments.
  • Having them submit their assignments as posts on the discussion forum in MS Teams or Blackboard.

In this Teaching and Learning Collection, you will find more teaching formats that you can use in your online, hybrid or on-campus tutorial.

Available tools

  • Pitch2Peer: with this tool, students can make video pitches and share them with each other.
  • Wooclap: with the online tool Wooclap, lectures can be made interactive. Wooclap is the replacement for Mentimeter, and allows you to easily create quizzes or polls, or request feedback from students. With Wooclap, students can use their phones or laptops to answer questions raised by the lecturer during a lecture.
  • For more information on tools, you can view the tool guide of Educate-it.