Microsoft Teams

What is new?

  • You can read here about the new functionalities that the ‘New meeting experience’ provides and how to turn it on:        With, among other things, Break-out rooms and being able to see 49 students.
  • Up to 300 participants can currently be in a normal Teams meeting (This will be raised later.)
  • Downloading a participant list. You can download a list of everyone present in a meeting during that meeting.

Zoom at the UU no longer allowed 

For a long time, the use of Zoom at the UU was tolerated, pending an investigation into the risks in the areas of privacy and security. This investigation was carried out by the national government and SURF (a partnership of Dutch universities), among others. At the UU, Microsoft Teams is the safe alternative. If you had a Zoom licence on your uu-mail address, you have received an e-mail from Zoom saying that the domain associated with your e-mail address has been claimed. If you receive an invitation to an external Zoom meeting (i.e. organised by someone outside the UU), the browser version can be used. No account is required for this. So do not change the e-mail address. See the intranet for more information.



If you have any questions about Teams, you can contact us via, or both. We will then try to help you as soon as possible. If you have anything to add to this page, such as another place where information on Teams is provided, you can forward that to