Lecturers who give lectures can do so to a maximum of 75 students on location. It is possible for some of the students to attend the lecture remotely. Teachers can start a Teams-call with remote students during lectures on location. You can read more about these and other possibilities below. As of 25 September the maximum group size of 75 no longer applies.


  • For all preparatory questions about the options below, please email teachingsupport@uu.nl. 
  • If you have urgent issues when you are in the room, please call (030 253) 9595. 
  • You can receive a free brief training, in groups or individually, on how to use the audiovisual equipment in the auditoriums. To do so, fill in the request form in the self-service portal.
  • For hybrid education (in blocks 1 and 2), you can request on-site support. For more information, see intranet.