University Teaching Qualification (UTQ)

Utrecht University is the first Dutch university that implemented a teaching qualification system. All teachers employed by Utrecht University follow the programme and are obliged to achieve the University Teaching Qualification. Since its introduction in 1990, all Dutch universities have adopted the qualification and acknowledge the qualification when this is obtained elsewhere. Utrecht University has also implemented a Senior University Teaching Qualification (STQ) for senior teachers/researchers, also known as associate professors.

University Teaching Qualification (UTQ)

To achieve the University Teaching Qualification, someone has to teach, be tutored by a colleague, make an education portfolio and must be conveyed to the review committee. In the UTQ programme for academic teaching the lecturer enhances his or her possession of didactic skills and prepares for the basic qualification. In a mixture of courses, assignments, observations in their educational practice and reciprocal exchange, teachers work on the following tasks:

  • Designing education (as formulating learning goals and developing learning tasks, work forms and assessments)
  • Executing education (by example giving lectures and seminars, guiding individuals and groups of students)
  • Evaluating and proceeding the own professional development as a teacher

UTQ qualification programmes on the Faculties (SolisID log in for UU-employees)

The UTQ programmes are organized by the faculties. Click below for more information on the UTQ programmes per faculty (use your SolisID to log in).