U-Collaborate in Education

U-Collaborate in Education (UCE) creates an efficient and effective connection between the various parts of the internal educational organization with external alliances, networks, social organisations and companies. The UCE programme provides service to teachers who want to organise their education in close collaboration with external stakeholders.

The aim of this programme is to connect, facilitate and provide practical support to parties that develop and provide education in close relationship with society and the business community. Think of individual teachers, educational programmes, Labs and Hubs as well as strategic alliances and networks. To this end, facilities will be created to support colleagues from the UU on the one hand and to help external organisations quickly find their way to our experts at the faculties on the other.

The programme is a partner organisation of the Centre for Academic Teaching. The three pillars of the CAT - teacher development, educational innovation and educational scholarship - form the core of the collaboration.

Do you have questions or ideas about the cooperation of our education with external partners? Contact us: UCE@uu.nl.

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