Design Humanities Teacher Training Trajectory

The Humanities Teacher Training Trajectory has two starting moments: September and February (see Meetings Humanities Teacher Training Trajectory). After the introduction session, the first meeting takes place in a subgroup with a maximum of 12 participants who come from the four different departments and will stay together during the trajectory. One of the senior lecturers (see Supervisors Humanities Teacher Training Trajectory) is the permanent supervisor during the entire trajectory.

The first meeting with your own subgroup is about professional development as a teacher. During the meeting we discuss the questions: what kind of teacher you are and/or do you want to become, what do you want to develop during the trajectory and we make an inventory of what is needed. The purpose of the meeting is to come up with ideas for the start-portfolio in which the participant formulates his/her own learning goals and the plan on how to achieve these learning goals.

The next six meetings will cover: (1) teaching, (2) testing and (3) designing education. The participants attend a public workshop of the specific topic in collaboration with Educational Consultancy & Professional Development (Educational Consultancy & Professional Development - Universiteit Utrecht ( A month later, the subgroups meet in their own meeting, and discuss how they can use the knowledge and skills covered in the workshop in teaching, testing and designing their education.

In the final meeting, the participants of the trajectory come together and present an innovation, adaptation or a new idea for education in which they are involved.

The last deadline of the academic year before submitting the portfolio is after the last meeting of the trajectory. All preparations, reflections and ideas can thus be part of the portfolio