Start to Teach Programme

Onderwijs bij bestuurs- en organisatiewetenschappen.

Start to Teach is a programme for Utrecht University employees who are starting their career in education.

The programme comprises two days of training: a start-up day and a follow-up day ten weeks later. The programme includes an introduction to the Utrecht teaching model and a didactic skills training. The focus will be on how to motivate students, the range of activating teaching formats, and the role of testing. Furthermore, the programme will offer you the chance to get the trainer’s feedback on your own teaching activities as well to participate in peer-to-peer coaching activities with other participants. The programme is taught both in Dutch and in English.

For whom?

Start to Teach is open to all staff members who have little or no teaching experience. Doctoral candidates with teaching tasks are also welcome to join the programme. It is important that participants give education to groups of students during the teaching period in which they participate in the Start to teach programme. This programme is offered four times each year and starts at every teaching period. Registration must be done two weeks before the programme starts.

Do you want to participate? Read further on the intranet of the Utrecht University (log in with SolisID) about the programme and how to register.

Start to teach