ISSOTL Conference 2023

What is SoTL?

Are you involved in innovating or improving your teaching? Do you read what is known in the literature on education in your discipline? Do you evaluate whether your teaching actually leads to better student learning? If so, you are involved in Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL).

SoTL is a systematic, evidence-based approach to develop and evaluate your own teaching practice. The results of SoTL research are shared with others. SoTL projects can cover a wide range of topics, from small projects such as adapting parts of a course to curriculum design.

For example, veterinary science teacher Bo van Leeuwen is investigating whether and how he can use a mobile app to better prepare students for anatomy teaching. He is not only using new teaching techniques, but he also tries to understand what works and why.


Are you involved or interested in SoTL? Then the ISSOTL23 conference is the perfect opportunity to discuss your work with others and learn from the experiences of (international) colleagues.

Theme 'Context Matters'

The theme of the 2023 conference is 'Context Matters'. With this theme, we emphasize the importance of SoTL in generating context-specific knowledge and will discuss the importance of different contexts for SoTL.

More information

All information about the conference (including programme, location, registration) can be found below. Below you can also read more about what SoTL is and find the eight-step Roadmap on how to do SoTL.

More information about the conference
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Announcement video ISSOTL Conference 2023 in Utrecht