Modular course Didactics for Continuing Education

Support for the development of Continuing Education

Universities, in addition to education for initial students, also have Continuing Education (CE) as their task. Education for (external) professionals requires a certain design and supervision. In order to support EWUU lecturers in the (further) development of this type of education and to learn from each other, the EWUU alliance partners (alliance TU Eindhoven, Wageningen University & Research, UMC Utrecht, Utrecht University) offer the Modular course 'Didactics for Continuing Education’.

Modular course 'Didactics for Continuing Education’

You register for module 1. In module 1, vision on CE and characteristics of appropriate CE didactics are central. We first discuss what the organization and what you yourself want to achieve with CE. The main part of the meeting, we spend on the characteristics of didactics for CE. Does this differ from didactics for initial students, and how? With each participant there is a short online/telephone intake interview.

Participants who want to make the translation to their own CE can decide to take the whole course immediately, or after module 1. They can choose a route that is more focused on the design of CE or a route that is focused on the supervision of CE, or choose a route with both the design and the supervision of CE. In the course there is ample opportunity to work on personal learning goals and own casuistry.


  • After Module 1, participants are able to: Formulate what characterizes CE didactics;
  • Participants who have completed the course and have chosen a route via Module 2 can also: Make conscious choices in the design of their CE (course design, work formats and test formats that suit professionals).
  • Participants who have completed the course and have chosen a route via Module 3 can also: Make conscious choices for supervision of professionals in the education they offer.

Target group

Teachers and developers (coordinators) of CE


Free of charge for participants from EWUU institutions. For participants from other universities: €365 for module 1, €985 for the whole course.


Document with information per module and dates per location

Registration deadlines per location

Wageningen: 8 May 2023, Utrecht: 7 September 2022, Eindhoven: 1 February 2023


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