Indicators for the evaluation of educational achievements

Academics perform tasks in the field of research, education, social impact and/or leadership. All these domains are important and they deserve full recognition and appreciation. In its strategic plan 2016-2020, UU has included the objective to better value education in academic careers. The existing WP FLOW III regulation offers every opportunity to consider educational achievements in the assessment of an academic career, provided that academics and their supervisors also have an insight into the full spectrum of tasks in education and into the level at which tasks are carried out.

An instrument with indicators

To this end, a Task Force set up by the Executive Board has developed an instrument with indicators for the evaluation of educational performance. This tool helps academics and their managers to determine development opportunities in various phases of the academic career and to value educational achievements. It can therefore be used in addition to the existing, formal WP FLOW III regulation and in discussions between those responsible for selection, promotion, career tracks, study programmes, appointment advisory committees, HR scans and by supervisors when conducting development interviews and B&O interviews.

The indicators in the instrument have been distinguished according to:

  • Roles and functions in education
  • Products
  • Use of product/knowledge by others
  • Recognition: prizes, scholarships etc.

The instrument is designed in a clickable pdf, click here to open the pdf.  

The instrument has been developed by the Task Force on Assessment of Educational Performance and is managed by the Centre for Academic Teaching. If you have any questions or additions, please contact the Centre for Academic Teaching and Learning via or +31 (0)30 - 2536638.

Participants of the Task Force

  • Hans de Bresser (chairman), Vice Dean Education, Geosciences
  • Gerard Barkema, Vice Dean Education, Science
  • Anneke van Heycop ten Ham, head of HR, Veterinary Medicine
  • Ton Hol, Vice Dean Education, Law, Economics, Governance and Organisation
  • Manon Kluijtmans, academic director Centre for Academic Teaching and Learning
  • Wim Kremer, Vice Dean Education, Veterinary Medicine
  • Carla Schoof, head of HR, Geosciences
  • Bart de Waijer, Head of HR, Social Sciences
  • Lucette Teurlings (clerk) HR departement