Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have time within my appointment to participate in the trajectory?
Participants with an appointment of 0.7 or more and who have 10% development time in their appointment can use this time to participate in the trajectory. Teachers who haven’t development time within their appointment can claim an exemption of 125 hours.

Is the trajectory mandatory for obtaining the Basic Teaching Qualification (BKO)?
To qualify for a BKO, the teacher is expected to take the trajectory in its entirety. The following exceptions apply to this:

Full exemption

In agreement with the supervisor and the head of the department, and after approval from the BKO-committee, a participant may be exempted from following the trajectory entirely. For example, participants who have followed a comparable trajectory elsewhere or who can demonstrate in some other way that they have actively received didactic training that is equal to or more than the trajectory. The participant submits a dossier that will be assessed by the faculty BKO-committee after which the BKO may be awarded. An appointment advisory committee (BAC = benoemingsadviescommissie) on the appointment of a new professor may also take the view that an educational qualification can be awarded. This will be done in agreement with the committee.

Partial exemption

A participant can also be partially exempted, again in agreement with the supervisor and the head of the department, and after approval of the BKO-committee. A development plan will be established and submitted for approval to the BKO-committee, in which a number of themes of the trajectory will be included. It is up to the BKO-committee whether the requirements of the BKO are met.

How is the BKO-final portfolio assessed? When will it be tested? And by whom?

The BKO-final portfolio is assessed by the assessment committee on the basis of the required competences for qualification, as described in the regulations of the Faculty of Humanities (For now, only available in Dutch.)

More information about the BKO-committee, the members and deadlines can be found on: