Educate-it Academy

Student zet mobiele telefoon in tijdens college. Foto van Ivar Pel.

Educate-it is a university-wide programme supported by and supportive of teachers and students. It helps teachers enhance and future-proof their courses. The Educate-it Academy teaches teachers both how to use IT tools in practice and how to (re)design courses to incorporate blended learning. Teachers have the following range of options to choose from:

Blended and online modules. The modules are free and accessible to all teachers at UU, offered in blended format when possible and can be completed online at the pace of the student’s choosing. Following the blended modules, face-to-face meetings will take place.

Workshops. Educate-it regularly offers free and engaging workshops about the various teaching tools, introducing participants to a tool’s functionality and how it can be used to enhance education. Whenever possible, the workshops follow a peer-to-peer model, with the teachers sharing their experiences and training their colleagues with assistance from content specialists.

Summer and Winter Courses. Twice a year (at the conclusion of blocks 2 and 4) you can explore the possibilities of blended learning, create a new and functional course design incorporating blended learning and learn how to use an IT tool that will enhance your course.

Didactic advisor interview. An opportunity to have an open-ended discussion about how your course(s) could be enhanced.