Mission, vision and pillars of the Centre for Academic Teaching

Connecting, empowering and enhancing the university-wide teaching and learning community

The Centre for Academic Teaching at Utrecht University aims to advance student learning through teacher and education development. As a university-wide network of partners and programmes that share this aim, the Centre for Academic Teaching strives for four common goals:

1.       Create added value for teacher development, education innovation and educational scholarship by promoting the visibility and accessibility of member activities and by connecting partner initiatives to create new opportunities in innovation, exchange and funding;

2.       Generate awareness and recognition for partners within the wider teaching community and offer a central platform to empower teachers and match their needs to expertise and support at partner initiatives;

3.       Be sensitive and responsive to blind spots, new needs and developments on the road to enhancing teaching and learning;

4.       Show leadership in university teaching and learning by being a discussion partner for the university’s Executive Board and Academic Affairs Office, by representing Utrecht University nationally and internationally, and by sharing expertise with other higher education institutions.

“Inspire and empower academic teaching.”

The Centre for Academic Teaching supports the mission of the Utrecht University Bright minds, better future. To let graduates make a subsequent contribution to society, good education is crucial. Good education depends on excellent teachers.

Strategic pillars

Academic education on a high standard starts with professional teachers who are educated as researcher and as teacher. Besides, educational research and room for educational innovation contribute to good education. Hoe does the Utrecht University work to reach this standard? The Centre for Academic Teaching aims on three cornerstones: educational innovation, teacher development and educational scholarship.