SIG Motivation

The general objective of the Special Interest Group Motivation is to increase knowledge in the field of motivation, to investigate and to share it with others. During the meetings, teachers are introduced to current and relevant theories on motivation and can share their experiences with others. An interactive meeting will be organised four times a year, each with its own theme. Themes include 'motivation and resistance' or the MUSIC model of academic motivation. 

Everyone is welcome and can join the SIG at any time. See the planned meetings below and sign up!

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Objectives of the SIG Motivation
  1. to interpret the general definition of motivation in the context of education and profession

  2. to map out existing initiatives and experts on the theme of motivation and involving experts in the SIG.

  3. to introduce teachers to the current and relevant theories of motivation

  4. to share experiences in the field of motivation with interested parties

  5. to stimulate and/or initiate research and projects on motivation

These are the planned meetings for this SIG:


Initiators of this SIG: