Partners of CAT

The Centre for Academic Teaching and Learning brings together all partners involved in teacher development, teaching innovation and sharing knowledge about teaching and learning. Each partner has its own scope, home base, expertise and approach. In the CAT, they join forces so that they can complement and strengthen each other.

The Centre for Academic Teaching and Learning welcomes all initiatives that share one or more of the common goals, whether faculty, university or bottom-up from the teaching community. The CAT thus aims to represent the joint faculties and teaching community in strategic discussions at national and international levels.


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The UU-wide Educate-it programme supports lecturers to adapt their teaching to the education of the future and improve quality even more. Educate-it helps lecturers to innovate and blended their teaching and use available IT tools to activate students and solve bottlenecks that stand in the way of good teaching.

Educate-it website

Educational Development & Training

Cursusaanbod Hoger onderwijs O&T

Educational Development & Training supports education professionals throughout their careers. As a UU lecturer or education director, for example, you can come to us for educational advice, training and individual coaching. For example, we help lecturers to develop further with Start-to-teach workshops, in BKO trajectories, Professional Consultation or with reflection at SKO level. We are also closely involved in, for instance, educational courses in Educational Leadership, Honours Teaching and Interdisciplinary Education. Educational Development & Training also supports educational innovations; we help lecturers who want to innovate their teaching through the Educational Resources Pool (EMP) and guide lecturers doing research on their own teaching (SoTL).

Educational Development & Training website

Teaching Community TAUU

The Teaching Community TAUU (Teaching Academy Utrecht University) is a network for and by teachers at Utrecht University. Our basic principle is: as a teacher, you learn a lot from each other's experiences and it is also a lot of fun. That is why you can blog at TAUU, ask each other questions and exchange experiences that way.

TAUU website

Continuing Education


Besides undergraduate and graduate education, Utrecht University also offers education for professionals. This branch of education focuses on professionals with academic training questions and is directly linked to UU research and education.

Continuing Education website

Teaching & Learning Lab

The Teaching & Learning Lab (TLL) is the teaching laboratory at Utrecht University for teachers, students, didactic researchers and companies. It is a place to jointly explore, develop and test new possibilities in educational practice. Teachers innovate their teaching and inspire colleagues with new ideas.

Teaching and Learning Lab website

UU Honours College

Plakkaat: Proud member of the Utrecht University Honours Community.

The UU Honours College offers motivated students the chance to follow an extra challenging and inspiring educational programme alongside their regular studies. This education has a strong interdisciplinary character. Innovative ideas arise precisely by working together and involving various disciplines. In addition, the UU Honours College offers lecturers the opportunity to train in honours education.

UU Honours College website

U-Collaborate in Education

The U-Collaborate in Education (UCE) programme creates an efficient and effective connection between different parts of the internal educational organisation with external alliances, networks, civil society organisations and companies. The UCE programme provides service to teachers who want to organise their education in close cooperation with external stakeholders.

U-Collaborate in Education website

USG consultancy

USG consultancy

USG Consultancy works intensively with clients on solutions to complex issues in the public domain. Characteristic of the approach of the Department of Management and Organisation Science is a combination of management and organisation science insights, social commitment, practical applicability and great accessibility.

USG Consultancy website

Centre for Entrepreneurship

Centre for Entrepreneurship

The Utrecht University Centre for Entrepreneurship (UtrechtCE) creates an academic environment in which you can be entrepreneurial.

Centre for Entrepreneurship website

Freudenthal Instituut

Freudenthal Institute

You can come to the Freudenthal Institute as a HE lecturer for guidance on educational innovations, didactic concepts, public communication and teaching.

Freudenthal Instituut website

Center for Research and Development of Health Professions Education

Educational exertisecentre UMC

You can come to us for educational expertise for healthcare training courses. We offer support and advice to training courses within and outside UMC Utrecht.

Center for Research and Development of Health Professions Education website

Technology and Learning Department (TEL) UMC Utrecht

The Technology and Learning Department (TEL) at UMC Utrecht advises teachers on the integral design of blended learning and online education and provides IT tools for this purpose. TEL also develops its own products such as e-learning modules and knowledge clips. TEL facilitates digital testing and supports the organisation of webinars. Developed products are managed and maintained. For direct hands-on support, the local Education Service Desk is on standby.

Technology and Learning Department (TEL) website


As a UU lecturer, you can reach CAT and partners via the joint Teaching Support helpdesk. Here you can ask all your questions about teaching.