The Comeniusprogramme stimulates innovation in Dutch higher education. The grants and fellowships enable professionals in higher education to implement their ideals and ideas in practice. By demonstrably valuing excellent and inspired teaching, the ministry of education is keen to contribute to more variety in the careers of teachers and researchers at universities and universities of applied sciences. Each year teachers can apply by submitting their proposal. The Centre for Academic Teaching supports teachers with preparing their proposal.

The Comeniusprogramme offers the following grants:  

  • Teaching Fellows: €50,000 one-year project, small-scale innovation,
  • Senior Fellow: €100,000, two-year project, innovation in a complete degree programme,
  • Leadership Fellow: €250,000, three-year project, innovation in one or more faculties or a complete institution.

The ‘Fellows’ are distinguished: not based on their quality as a teacher or educational leader but on their experience and their impact on education. The term Teaching Fellows used by the NRO is not te be confused  with the already existing Teaching Fellow Programme that the University Utrecht offers. The last is meant as a career track towards professorship with emphasis on education.

More information

Look at the site of the NRO for deadlines for proposals, the annual theme’s for proposals chosen by the NRO and other FAQ’s. When you are interested in submitting a proposal, please take contact with our Centre for Academic Teaching. The Centre is in contact with a wide network of experts. We are more than willing to help along to optimize your proposal.

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