Christel Lutz - Senior Fellow

Scholarship in the dynamic curriculum

Christel Lutz

In response to the demands of a changing society, educational programs must constantly adjust. But a curriculum revision is usually a relatively top-down exercise, carried out every six years or so. A dynamic curriculum development approach that combines the expertise of all faculty members can produce agile and top quality programs. But giving back the curriculum to teachers requires more than just an organizational change. It requires addressing the way in which faculty support is organized.

Christel believes that curriculum innovation and faculty development should go hand in hand. Christel: ‘When we support teachers to learn about curriculum development, we enable them to become more engaged in the education they offer’. To make this work, Christel develops tools, modules and workshops for dynamic curriculum development at University College Utrecht, and conducts research into the effect of this innovation.

Looking for the sweet spot of education

Christel Lutz
University College Utrecht

Christel Lutz is one of the first Senior Fellows new style at Utrecht University. Read the entire interview with her about her project and the program.

"Looking for the sweet spot of education"