Educational Resource Pool

The Educational Resources Pool (Educatieve Middelen Pool, EMP) was established by the Executive Board of Utrecht University and encourages faculty initiatives aimed at quality improvement and innovation in education. The EMP provides support with regard to a single course, a study component, method or instrument as well as a complete curriculum, educational organization or quality assurance.

Each faculty receives EMP-hours yearly, based on the amount of students, for educational support. Ten percent of the available hours per faculty are reserved for professional consultation for academic staff

Transition to new EMP-providers

Since the academic year 2018-2019, for 10% of the EMP-hours all faculties can choose besides the usual Educational Consultancy & Professional Development Department of the Faculty of Social Sciences, of three new EMP-providers: The Centre for Research and Development of Education, the Freudenthal Institute and USG consultancy. This percentage rises to 30% in 2019-2020 until 100% in 2022-2023. To be clear, faculties can still opt for the Educational Consultancy & Professional Development Department within this free space of EMP-hours.

Centre for Research and Development of Education (UMCU)

The Center for Research and Development of Education (Expertisecentrum) is part of the Onderwijscentrum of the University Medical Center Utrecht, and offers expertise in the domains of:

  • Educational development and consultancy;
  • Quality assurance;
  • Educational technology;
  • (Development of) training for teachers and educators as well as for students;
  • Research in education.

The Centre for Research and Development of Education also has a broad experience in the field of workplace learning, and related areas such as (coaching for) professional behavior, professional workplace culture, and Entrustable Professional Activities (EPA’s).

Contact: Ellen Easton,

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Educational Consultancy & Professional Development Department (Faculty of Social Sciences)

The professional consultation, offered by Educational Consultancy & Professional Development, is there to help you with any educational questions you may have. Examples of topics that can be discussed are the evaluation of a lecture series, the contents of a test or ideas you may have about changing your way of testing. 

Contact: Ineke Lam (

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Freudenthal Institute (Faculty of Science)

Expertise of the Freudenthal Institute for EMP-support:

  • Pioneer in the development and implementation of innovative education in Science and Mathematics;
  • Involved and responsible for teacher education (STEM-courses);
  • Pioneer in blended learning at the Faculty of Science;
  • Integration of education, research and valorization at the physical and virtual environment of the Science Teaching & Learning Lab.

Contact: drs. Vincent Jonker (

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USBO-consultancy (Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance)

Expertise of USG-consultancy for EMP-support:

  • Change projects;
  • Evaluation of policy;
  • Development;
  • Training & coaching.

Contact: dr. Paul Adriaanse (

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Utrecht Educational Incentive Fund and Educational Resources Pool

EMP-hours are due to be supportive to university or faculty projects of the Utrecht Educational Incentive Fund, with a minimum of 100 EMP-hours per project. These projects focus on educational issues related to the Strategic Plan of Utrecht University.  Each year, three specific themes are defined by the Board of the Centre for Academic Teaching, to which projects have to be related.

Allocation of EMP-hours

The allocation of the EMP-hours to specific projects is integrated in the procedure of the Utrecht Educational Incentive Fund (to be found on the intranet, login with solis-id). Read more about projects that recieved support. For more information, please contact