Advice & support

Want to start innovating your education? CAT and partners offer (educational) advice. For example, on how to set up educational spaces, which tools you can use to actively involve your students, or how to make education interdisciplinary. You can also hire educational advice through the Educational Resources Pool.

Professional consultation
Do you have (practical) questions about your education? For didactic advice Educational Development & Training (Onderwijsadvies & Training in Dutch) can help you in the form of a professional consult. 

Advice on using IT-tools
Educate-it supports lecturers to improve and adapt their education to the education of the future. Educate-it supports in the practical use of IT-tools and in (re)designing education for blended learning. 

Educational Resources Pool
The Educational Resources Pool (Educatieve Middelen Pool, EMP) offers faculties the option of requesting educational advice and support for the improvement and innovation of their education.

Utrecht Incentive Fund
The Utrecht Incentive Fund stimulates the professionalisation of lecturers and educational innovation.