Advice & support

The Centre for Academic Teaching offers support for academic staff of Utrecht University seeking knowledge about education and possibilities for their own development as academic teachers. On this website, academics can find courses and programmes, knowledge of teaching and learning in higher education and opportunities for funding projects to innovate and to improve their teaching.

All partners of the Centre for Academic Teaching offer advice, for example about the set-up of your classroom, what tools you could use to engage your students or how to enhance the interdisciplinary nature of your teaching. 

Didactic advice: Educational Consultancy & Professional Development
Advice on the use of IT tools: Educate-it
Educatieve Middelen Pool (in Dutch)

Knowledge database on higher education

The Centre for Academic Teaching is developing a knowledge database on higher education, an expansion of the knowledge platform on the website of our teaching community TAUU. The Centre for Academic Teaching possess a book collection in the University Library at the Utrecht Science Parc.