SIG University of the Future

In the day-to-day running of the university, we don't often reflect on the big, underlying questions. What is meaningful academic education? How does it relate to research? What is the university's social contract with its students and with society, and how do these come together? And when we look back into the future at the university of today, what do we think about 'how absurd those things used to be!'  These are big questions that have an enormous impact on our everyday work, but which we rarely reflect on together. This is strange: good reflection on these issues not only gives us inspiration in our daily work but also hope for the future. 

This SIG deals with these issues. The central challenge is: what does the university of the future look like, and how do we build it in the here and now? 

On the one hand, the SIG University of the Future organizes larger activities where we want to inspire the university community to think about these topics. On the other hand, we bring university employees together in smaller assemblies to facilitate conversation, reflection and intervision on these questions on a personal level. We will use practical examples, personal stories, and inspiring sources.

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