SIG Intercultural Competences

High-quality research and education requires international cooperation and exchange, and more and more students and staff of various nationalities are affiliated with the UU. Utrecht University stimulates diversity and inclusion within education, research and the organisation: a diverse community of students and lecturers contributes to an inspiring and challenging learning environment. Moreover, it is a good preparation for working in a pluralistic society. The themes of internationalisation and diversity play a major role in education. In various contexts and projects, the UU works to promote intercultural competences. In the strategic plan of Utrecht University, these competences for teachers, students and non-teaching staff are identified as an important priority.

As a follow-up to the USO project Intercultural Competences for Utrecht University (ICUU, 2017-2019), this SIG focuses on promoting the professionalisation of teachers and involves the development of intercultural competences of students and other staff. Within the ICUU project, this joint approach of three target groups has proved fruitful. Various other projects are currently in progress in different faculties in which the promotion of intercultural competences is also being pursued. This SIG tries to exchange experiences, promote the personal development of those involved and, where possible, to face structural and curricular solutions and to formulate possible proposals for the implementation of the promotion of intercultural competences at various levels.

Initiators: Jan ten Thije and Gery Nijenhuis 

This SIG has not started yet. Please let us know if you would like to be kept informed of developments.

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