SIG Didactics in education to professionals

UU focuses on Life Long Learning. Studying alongside work is becoming increasingly common and as a result of this the range of courses offered to professionals is growing strongly. Taking care of this education places its own demands on the teacher.

This SIG wants to bring together teachers who have experience in giving post-academic and executive education or are about to start teaching. The goal is to learn from each other's experiences and to explore which own didactic demands the education of professionals entails. In this way the SIG wants to form an expertise network that supports the content-based organization of education to professionals.

Initiators: Arnold Wilts and Mirelle Stukstette

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The SIG meetings are open to everyone. These are the members who regularly attend the meetings of the SIG Didactics in education to professionals:

Research and Education Assistant
Education Development Assistant
Associate Professor
Education Development Assistant