Onderwijsparade 2019

The Onderwijsparade, the annual education themed day at Utrecht University, is scheduled for Thursday 7 March 2019. This year, the theme is Diversity & Inclusion.

The Onderwijsparade will be a platform for dialogue between students, teachers and employees about our academic education. There will be a keynote by Prof Felisa Tibbitts, workshops, pitches and an information market. At the end of the afternoon, the winners of the Teacher Awards will be announced. The main language of the day will be English, although there are some workshops available in Dutch.

Diversity & inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are two current and relevant themes for Utrecht University. What is the role of diversity and inclusion in education? How does this affect our workplace? How do we actually define the concepts of diversity and inclusion? Are these positive terms? Such issues will be discussed during the Onderwijsparade.


Register and write Thursday 7 March 2019 down in your diary! The Onderwijsparade will take place in the University Hall (Academiegebouw). The event will start around 12 noon with a walk-in lunch, and will end around 5.15 pm with a reception. Have you registered, but are you unable to attend? Please send an email to CAT@uu.nl.

On the morning of the Onderwijsparade, the first Utrecht Scholarship of Teaching & Learning conference will be held, where academic teachers can share their experiences with the systematic evaluation and improvement of their own teaching.