Flex-working and teacher's room

Flex-workspaces at CAT

The Centre for Academic Teaching and Learning offers a space where academic staff can meet each other, have coffee together and share knowledge and experiences. We also offer flex workspaces where every teacher can work using his or her laptop. Come to the Centre for Academic Teaching and Learning on the first floor of the University Library at Utrecht Science Park to make use of these facilities.

Teacher’s room

The teacher’s room is meant for all academic staff of Utrecht University and the University Medical Centre Utrecht. This room is supplied with:

  • A conference table that fits roughly 10 people;
  • A smart touch screen that can be used for presentations, brainstorm sessions, etc.;
  • Office supplies and stationary;
  • A cupboard with a lock in which you can store valuables (at your own risk).

The teacher’s room is open from Monday to Friday and freely accessible. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to reserve the room for a meeting. Are you looking for a meeting room in the University Library? Contact us at cat@uu.nl, and we can help you find a suitable space.

Flex workspaces

At the Centre for Academic Teaching and Learning we have 16 flex workspaces available. They are located right next to the teacher’s room and are equipped with docking stations, which you can use if you have a UU laptop. Of course you can also work at these tables using your own laptop.

The flex workspaces are accessible during the opening hours of the University Library.

Do you have feedback or do you miss information on our website? Please send an email to cat@uu.nl