Online sessions on inclusive conversations

The current situation in Gaza and the demonstrations at our university are having a great impact on colleagues, students and teaching. The Centre for Academic Teaching and Learning (CAT) is organising a series of online sessions for lecturers. In these online sessions, we support teachers in navigating conversations with and between students on this topic.  

The sessions aim to equip teachers with strategies and tools to facilitate open, respectful and safe dialogues with and between students. The sessions also provide space for conversation, questions and sharing experiences. Please note that the focus in these sessions is on dialogue facilitation skills and not on the content of the situation itself or Utrecht University's position on it.


More sessions are being organised, which will soon be found on this page.

Via the button below, you will find tools and pedagogical tips for conducting the dialogue. Also, the outcomes of the sessions will be shared on that page.

Tools and pedagogical tips