Statistics: online practicing and testing

  • Name teacher: Pim Mak
  • Faculty: Humanities
  • Tool: Grasple

Students of the Methods of Empirical Research course practice in the online learning environment 'Grasple' (formerly known as 'I hate statistics') with the knowledge and skills they acquire in statistical education. The online environment allows teachers to keep track of students’ activity. In addition, students can take progress tests. These tests can be used to see which parts of the material need more explanation.


  • Extra practice of the statistics learning material by students
  • Being able to keep track of students’ activities
  • Online formative testing
  • Insight into the degree of preparation for contact hours


Students found working with Grasple easy and meaningful, and would recommend IHS to fellow students. Teachers found that the main goal – extra practice – was achieved with Grasple.