SIG Podcasts in Education

The amount and listening numbers of podcasts have increased enormously over the past few years, and this has also been noticeable among colleagues and students. More and more lecturers at UU are therefore using podcasts for their teaching: to share information with students or the public outside the university, or as an assignment to teach students about certain topics. And if, as a teacher, you want to use podcasts in your teaching, why should you have to explore everything yourself, when there are already so many others with experience and knowledge to share? The aim of this SIG is to connect teachers who use podcasts in their teaching in whatever way they can, and provide workshops to make teachers more familiar with the medium that is podcasting!

The SIG initiators are: Thomas Wind and Anouk den Hamer.

Do you have questions about this SIG or to you want to sign up as a member of this SIG? Please contact