SIG Educational Games & Play

Could your teaching be a little less serious? Are you looking for a way to challenge your students in a playful way? Or would you like your students to engage with the material with the same enthusiasm as they do with their newest game? Then we warmly invite you to join the Special Interest Group (SIG) about Game-based and playful learning, to explore together the power of games & play in the student learning experience.

During the SIG meetings, you will meet colleagues who are also enthusiastic about the use of games and play in education, talk to experts in the field and expand your network. You will exchange experiences, play games and learn from each other! Please join our SIG Educational Games & Play if you:

  • don't know where to start when using game (elements) in your teaching;
  • are looking for a fun way to teach your students;
  • want your students to engage enthusiastically and effectively with the material;
  • think there is much more to learn in your course that there of now;
  • are looking for a place where your students can practice, take risks, try out new things, explore, and fail without consequences (or: graceful failure);
  • want to share and discuss your experiences and findings with colleagues.

Would you like to be involved in this SIG? Please contact

The SIG initiators are: Kim Mastwijk, Davitze K├Ânning and Femke Kirschner.

Would you like to sign up for the SIG or do you have any questions? Please contact Or click here if you would like more information about Game-based learning in education.

If you have any questions about the SIG or the game-based learning Educational Games & Play project, please email If you would like more information about Educational Games & Play in education, please click here.