Preparing lab skills online

  • Name teacher: Francien Peterse
  • Faculty: Geo sciences
  • Tool: LabBuddy

LabBuddy is an online manual for practicals aiming to fully prepare students for the experiments they will perform in the lab. The manual is interactive and can answer practical questions, leaving the teacher with more time to focus on the course's subject matter and learning objectives.


• Ensure that students start the practical well-prepared
• Free up time for the subject matter by taking care of practical mattersw
• Automate feedback on and testing of experiment results


The students need a lot less help working in the laboratory after using LabBuddy, since the programme can answer all of the most frequently asked questions. It also tests the results of their calculations, which saves a lot of time for coaching. Finally, all of my students had immediate access to both the manual and their latest measurements because all of it is available online.