E-modules to prepare for education

  • Name teacher: Gert Folkers
  • Faculty: Sciences
  • Tool: Xerte

There are various ways a teacher might implement e-modules. One way is as preparation for a lecture or practical, which ensure they come to class better prepared. An e-module could also replace a lecture or practical by offering the subject matter online, which creates time and space in the classroom for questions, discussion and in-depth exploration of the subject matter.


  • To structure education more efficiently
  • To have students create learning materials autonomously
  • To have students come to practicals better prepared, so that more time in the practicals can be spent on in-depth exploration of the subject matter


The teacher can better monitor the student's progress. Xerte is experienced as a user-friendly tool. E-learning modules are used to replace a face-to-face practical session about learning a computer programme. Students can now do this at home.