Co-creation of a course with students

  • Name teacher: Aukje Mantel
  • Faculty: Sciences
  • Deployed in education: Co-creation

Professor Aukje Mantel decided to develop a new elective course ‘Digital Pharmaceutical Care’, which provides an introduction to digital care technology for Master's students of the Pharmacy programme at Utrecht University. In order to match the course content to the pre-existing knowledge of the students, Mantel decided to set up this course in close collaboration with a small group of students. Together with teacher Claudia Rijcken, she worked on the learning objectives for the course. Together with the students they developed the design of the course and the learning activities part of it. Mantel: "From that moment on we focused on co-creation. In order to support this process Annet van der Riet, who worked as an educational advisor at Science Educate-it, gave students a number of didactic basic principles and shared some information about (digital) learning activities". The students were able to indicate what theory they thought should be treated in the course and in which order (as they knew exactly what subjects and theories are being taught as part of the curriculum of the Master's in Pharmacy), and which learning activities they thought were suitable to treat the theory in the course.


The goal of this co-creation project was to create a new master elective course that would match the existing knowledge of students of the Master’s programme of Pharmacy, and the pharmaceutical practice (that students got familiar with during their internships in the field).


The course has been successfully completed and taught to master students in Pharmacy. Students indicate that they have learned new things during the co-creation process, and that they have gained insight into teaching and learning strategies that deliver better learning performance. Mantel indicates that co-creation is a very good option if you don’t want to clog up the design of a course. You really have to be flexible and for that a small group of students is very useful.