An online platform for research and projects

  • Name teacher: Slinger Jansen
  • Faculty: Sciences
  • Tool: KonJoin

Project description

Konjoin is a tool that allows teachers to publish projects and bachelor and master students to respond to those projects. The tool focuses on multi-disciplinary community-building, so students from other faculties can also respond to projects.


  1. Teachers help with the publication of graduation projects within their own field of research.
  2. Helping students find their graduation projects7
  3. Show students examples of graduation projects so that they can get a better idea of what a good graduation challenge is.


Konjoin has been fully implemented in our organisation. We can now also use the tool to indicate preferences for certain graduates, so that you can work with students you know well. The only thing left is to advertise it more, because not all our colleagues are on the platform.