A completely digital portfolio

  • Name: Diane van Wieren
  • Faculty: Sciences
  • Tool: Scorion

The Pharmacy Master's programme was looking for an e-portfolio that offered more possibilities than Blackboard. Scorion is an e-portfolio that is used during the programme to support the personal and professional development of the student.


  • Having students present their development by means of essays, presentations, videos, (self) reflections and feedback received.
  • Have tutors supervise and coach students in the area of study progress, development and choices for the future.
  • Offer the student a showcase portfolio.


Scorion works well and can be customised with various forms. It is now also used in the bachelor from the 1st year. Students start working in this portfolio earlier and they work with it more often. Scorion can also be used during internships and co-schappen.