Student talent: Brendy Batenburg

In November 2015, master's student Sustainable Development Brendy Batenburg won the Sustainability Challenge 2015 as part "Team Waterschappelijk".

In the Sustainability Challenge, five corporations and government institutions set sustainability challenges. Then, one hundred students in 25 teams get the chance to handle one sustainability challenge within two months. After a final round in which five teams competed with each other, Brendy's team won with their idea for an innovative, water-purifying greenhouse, ‘The Green ROOTine’. This greenhouse makes water purification more efficient and socially attractive.

The Purifying Greenhouse is energy efficient, but its true beauty is bringing people together

The Sustainability Challenge is a national business-case competition regarding sustainability and is an initiative of SustainableMotion. The combination of knowledge transfer and the handling of actual sustainability issues was the reason Utrecht University wanted to be intensively involved in the competition as the only institute of higher education to do so.

Brendy Batenburg, winnaar van de Sustainability Challenge 2015.
Brendy Batenburg, winner of the Sustainability Challenge 2015.

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