South Africa

Utrecht University has a long and rich tradition of collaboration in teaching and research with universities in South Africa. The five Utrecht University Partners (UUPs) in South Africa are the following:


The collaboration is not restricted to research: Utrecht University also works with the South African UUPs to set up development projects for teaching and research across Southern Africa. In addition, the university contributes to the gathering and transfer of knowledge about Southern Africa, for example through the Africa Chair.


Every year, five South African Master's students and PhD candidates (one per UUP) can receive a scholarship to carry out research at Utrecht University for a period of three or six months. The fellowship can serve to deepen an existing collaboration or be part of a new project. Nominations for the fellows come from the five South African UUPs.


The Africa Chair (established in 2007) is held by an academic from one of the five South African UUPs. The chair holder spends some months contributing to postgraduate teaching and research at Utrecht University. The Africa Chair is held every other year for a maximum of three months. A number of times each year Utrecht University organises a seminar or lecture on an African theme; the holder of the Africa Chair is closely involved in this.