Logo League of European Research Universities

Utrecht University is a member of the League of European Research Universities (LERU). The LERU is a society of big European research universities that want to influence the European policy agenda in the field of research, education and innovation by working together.

Fundamental ground-breaking research

The LERU universities plead in the defence of fundamental ground-breaking research, excellent education in a research-intensive environment and a better valorization of the role European universities can play in innovation processes. The LERU has 23 members. Rector Magnificus Prof. Henk Kummeling is a member of LERU's Rectors' Assembly since 1 June 2018.

Economical impact

Together, the members of LERU have a great impact with their education and research. They also create a big economical value for the European economy. In 2016, the LERU partners generated a combined economical value of 99.8 billion euros and 1.3 million jobs. More information about the economical impact can be found on the English-language website of the LERU.

Utrecht University employees can directly log in to the intranet LERU-page via the button below.