Support for getting academic knowledge to the market

Utrecht University offers support through the following organisations when knowledge developed by researchers is suitable for marketing as a product, or if they want to start their own enterprise.  


UtrechtInc provides advice and support to entrepreneurs and start-ups based in and outside the university as they set up their business. Alumni, employees and researchers who establish a start-up can use the services of UtrechtInc, which is based at the Utrecht Science Park. UtrechtInc is linked to Utrecht University, the UMC Utrecht, and HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht.

The organisation’s advisors and employees use their knowledge to help start-ups become innovative companies that have a positive impact on society. Via UtrechtInc, the young entrepreneurs gain access to funding, office space, and coaching from experts.

Utrecht Holdings

Researchers at Utrecht University who have created a patentable invention that they wish to market commercially can seek advice and support from Utrecht Holdings. Utrecht Holdings manages and administers Utrecht University and UMC Utrecht patents, invests in spin-off companies, and advises researchers when they work with public and private parties.

Since it was founded in 1998, Utrecht Holdings has given support towards investments in many companies and to the licensing of patents to companies.

Utrecht Center for Entrepreneurship

The Utrecht Center for Entrepreneurship organises courses and events for students and researchers in the area of entrepreneurship, management and business economics. Businesses and institutions can also use the services of Utrecht CE.