The mission of a good university is to train students for certainty and to educate them for uncertainty. This is what Dare to Cross Over! is all about.

The winners of the Bright Minds Award 2017 are

Colinda Scheele, How fundamental physics tackles key issues in biology: a branching storyline.

Rosa Wevers, Arts and Biometrics

Will-e network (Anna Vera Verschuur, Astrid Garretsen, Gijsbert Schouten, Moska Hellamand, Nienke Wolfhagen),Bringing Healthcare Innovations to the Patients!

Suzanne Bloks, Referendums in Representative Democracy: Learning from Social Choice Theory.

How can we engage graduate students more in interdisciplinary research and innovation? How to encourage their creativity and openness to interact across disciplines and sectors to solve the wicked problems of our society?  How to best prepare them for the new dynamics of research, citizen science, professional practice and social responsibility?