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Studenten lopen trap op

Utrecht University aims to prepare its students for working life as much as possible. Career Services was founded to build the bridge between students, degree programmes and the job market. Career Services offers its students (bespoke) trainings, personal coaching sessions, cv checks and provides them with information on alumni and their careers.

Career Services offers employers the chance to:

student jobs / side jobs

You can place your student jobs / side jobs yourself in our database. If we consider this suitable for our target group, we will publish it.
In 2018, 4,000 students from various study programs registered with our vacancy database consisting of 1,200 jobs, traineeships, internships and part-time student jobs. The best recruitment channel and by far the most viewed section are part-time student jobs. Many students would like to work beside to their studies, especially in their last year, preferably with potential full time employers after their studies. You have the opportunity to post job vacancies free of charge, to learn the talents of our student through their work and to offer them a permanent job immediately after their study.

In short: Offers a serious part time student job to students if you want to bring in talent for your organization through a qualitative and effective channel. 

Publish internship opportunities

Internship opportunities at your organisation will (after an internal check) be published in the University-wide database.

Circulate job openings

You can circulate your job openings among the students by posting your vacancy in our online database.

Promote your events

We can promote your events on the Career Services Facebook page. Send an email to careerservices@uu.nl.

Take part in the Career's Day (7 Feb 2019)

The annual Career’s Day will take place on 7 February 2019. The Career’s Day is organised by Utrecht University to offer students (bachelor, master and PhD) the chance to orientate themselves on the job market and potential career opportunities. There will be workshops available, a company fair and individual sessions between students and employers.

Workshops – Future-proof Skills (Nov 2017 and Apr 2018)

The Future-proof Skills programme prepares master's students from Utrecht University for a future as an employee or entrepreneur by introducing them to interesting companies and organisations.  During the workshops, which are organised by professionals from the public and private sector, there will be specific attention for the development of professional skills such as negotiation, customer service and stakeholdermanagement, but also for skills which centre more around one’s personality, such as personal branding, self-analysis and maintaining the balance between work and private life. The workshops will be held at the location of the potential employer, so that students will be able to form a good impression of the company or organisation.