21 October 2019

Future of Work Podcast

Future of Work Podcast

Work is changing: innovation, digitisation and globalisation have an influence on our work. This societal change offers opportunities and challenges for the organisation of work. Do some benefit more than others from job opportunities, innovation and changes in work-life balance? Is there a dichotomy in terms of gender, age, social class, or ethnicity?

Together with the Future of Work Hub of Utrecht University, People Power is producing a series of podcasts about the future of work (in Dutch). The Future of Work Hub is a platform where researchers, organisations and policymakers work together in responding to the societal issues concerning work.

The first two episodes are now available. In November episode three will be published.

Utrecht University and the Future of Work

In the first, introductory episode we explore the research programme of The Future of Work and it's most important themes. How do we see the future, why is it important, how do you conduct research, from which perspective and with whom?

Guest are: prof Joop Schippers, prof Eva Knies and Thomas Martens MSc. of Utrecht University.

Are jobs going to disappear? What can you do about it?

The second episode is about the effect of technological development on work. There are a lot of stories about jobs that will disappear. Will really more than half of the jobs disappear? What do researchers really expect? What does this mean for 'lifelong learning' and the way you organise?

Guests are: dr Jasmijn van Harten and prof Joop Schippers from Utrecht University and dr Hans Bodt, HR manager of Amphia Hospital.

Listen to the podcast

The third episode of the podcast can be listened to in November. This episode will be about the position of older employees.

Listen to the podcast of Future of Work here.