4 March 2019

Exhibition on diversity and inclusiveness in the Centraal Museum

What is left unseen

Foto: Theodoor Steen
Photo: Theodoor Steen

The Centraal Museum in Utrecht currently houses the exhibition What is left unseen. The exhibition is the result of the collaboration between the Centraal Museum and the Museum of Equality and Difference (MOED) of Utrecht University, an initiative of Prof. Rosemarie Buikema.

The exhibition is intended to make people think about inequality in the field of gender and race. "These subjects are often portrayed in the news in such a one-dimensional way that they lose meaning. That is why the arts are very important, because they can represent a complex of meanings that cannot always be expressed in words," says project coordinator Rosa Wevers (Utrecht University).

Read the full article with Buikema and Wevers in Dutch.


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