24 January 2019

Cum laude for dr. Mark de Gooijer

Mounting an attack on Glioblastoma

Cum laude distinction for dr. Mark de Gooijer

Glioblastoma is one of the hardest tumours to treat. On 23 January 2019, Mark de Gooijer defended his PhD thesis in Pharmaceutical Sciences and was honoured with a cum laude distinction. He has been working for years on Glioblastoma and especially on ways of tackling problems with proliferation, invasion and resistance, as explained here. His work was performed at the NKI and he was supervised by prof.dr. Jos Beijnen and dr. Olaf van Tellingen. Mark's thesis has 16 chapters, and he (co)-authored 23 publications, which makes him clearly stand out. He will continue his efforts as a post-doc at the NKI.