16 December 2019

Dual PhD-IT programme

‘Earning a PhD adds extra depth to my work’

Earn a PhD at the university while working for a social organisation; it’s possible via the PhD-IT programme at Utrecht University. Floris Fonville has just such a dual position: he works for the municipal government while earning his PhD on a subject that is relevant to his employer. Watch the video.

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The City of Utrecht is pleased with the collaboration: “Our problems are becoming increasingly complex and demand more IT knowledge”, says Janice Leering from the City of Utrecht. “Via the programme, we come into contact with IT professionals just out of university, and we are happy to invest in them to come work for the city and contribute their knowledge to solve socially relevant issues.”

Several other public organisations participate in the dual programme in addition to the City of Utrecht, including the National Police and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Fourteen PhD students are currently participating in the preliminary phase of the programme.