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When you see this page, you maybe think: 'Huh, but isn't Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) an honours programme in itself'? That is partly correct. Below, we explain you exactly how it works. 

The PPE-programme

PPE is designed as a programme which is specifically targeted at more ambitious students, and sets additional challenges compared to regular Bachelor's programmes. Such programs have a special place in the landscape of Dutch Higher Education. They are government-approved under a special label, the so-called Distinctive Feature Intensive and Small-Scale Education. In Dutch, it is called the 'BKKI label'.

BKKI and honours: what is the difference? 

The term ‘honours programme’ is used at Utrecht University – and many other universities worldwide – as a name for additional (i.e. top-up) programmes within a Bachelor's programme; never to Bachelor's programmes as a whole. These honours programmes, for which students are selected during their studies, provide students of regular Bachelor's programmes with additional challenges. PPE, as a BKKI programme, has these challenges hardwired in the programme as a whole and from the start.

University-wide honours programmes

In these interdisciplinary programmes, you can let your diverse interests run wild as you work on varying social and academic issues together with students from other disciplines. By analysing issues from different perspectives, you’ll learn how to navigate complex societal issues through a broader lens. In an increasingly interconnected world, learning how to work with people from different fields is a vital skill. After completing these honours programmes you will receive an honours certificate during a festive ceremony. The following programmes are offered:

For more information on honours education at the UU, go to the Honours College webpage, the honours Instagram, or email us at honourscollege@uu.nl.

Utrecht Summer School

Do you want to get to know Utrecht already during the summer holidays? Do you want to become familiar with the Dutch language, improve your academic English or learn more about Dutch culture? The Summer School Utrecht offers more than 200 summer courses in an international environment, attracting over 3000 students from over 120 different countries!

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Picture: Rebke Klokke