Study programme

The bachelor Molecular & Biophysical Life Sciences (MBLS) is a full-time, English-taught programme, which can be completed in three years. Each year consists of four periods of 10 weeks (15 credits). In each period you follow two 7.5 credit courses in parallel that are typically finalized by an exam in the last week of the period.

Programme overview

MBLS curriculum overview

In year one, and the start of year two, you take foundation courses covering key aspects of Biology, Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Math & Biophysics. Next, in year 2 and 3 you take elective courses and tailor your own programme. In total you take twelve electives: at least six (but if you wish all twelve) within the MBLS major and up to six outside the MBLS major from the entire university course catalogue.

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Elective courses

Elective courses in the MBLS major are grouped in four themes:

  • Genes to Organisms
  • Molecules and Cells
  • Molecules and Medicine
  • Biophysics and Modelling

Some electives are still in development. 

Download visual overview (pdf)


View the extensive range of possible (elective) courses. This will give you a good idea of ​​what to expect when putting together your own study programme. Are you already a student? Then your courses may differ from this list. Use the CoursePlanner for your study planning

Teaching Formats 

There are different kinds of teaching formats in the courses you attend. An indication of the proportion of these formats in the first year is as follows: 

Teaching formatIndication of time spent
Tutorials and group assignments20%

All students attend lectures together. Group size for assignments and practicals is typically between 4-6 students. 

Final project and thesis 

Research groups at the departments of Chemistry, Biology, and the Pharmaceutical Sciences are well-connected to the education in our curriculum. For your final project and thesis you choose a laboratory of your liking where you will conduct your own research project under the supervision of our scientific staff. You will present your results in a scientific report and a final presentation in the research group. 

Binding Study Advise (BSA) 

At the end of the first year, you will know whether the programme was the right choice for you. To continue your studies, you need to have obtained at least 45 credits of the possible total of 60 credits in the first year.