Are you curious about how people talk and understand each other? Do you have a good sense of language? Do you like logical thinking and a bit of mathematics? Are you looking for a broad study in which language is studied from different angles? Then the Linguistics programme is a good match for you!

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What is special about language?

Our students will answer all your questions!

There are thousands of languages in the world. You probably speak and understand at least one, which you mastered effortlessly as a child. It is so obvious that we hardly pay any attention to it. But what is language anyway? We offer you a broad linguistic basis and give you the answer to that question. 

Experience the Bachelor

Broad perspective on language 

The program gives you the tools to understand how language works in a scientific way and to search for answers. In this way, you will gain insight into one of the most important and complex characteristics of humans. You will study how languages are constructed, what processes take place in our brains and why languages change. Language science is multifaceted: experiments (psychology), logic (philosophy), computer models (artificial intelligence) and fieldwork (anthropology) help us to understand the complex phenomenon of language.

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Before starting my Bachelor's degree in Linguistics, I taught Mandarin to foreigners. While teaching, I longed to know more about the theory behind language acquisition, so that I would become a better teacher.

Chenyi is an alumna

In the lab and on the street

Utrecht has a special laboratory for linguistic research, including a baby lab where we study how children between 4 and 24 months acquire language. A great opportunity for an internship! But you can also take to the streets, to conduct fieldwork, such as on multilingualism or on different pronunciations...

Why Linguistics at Utrecht University?


  • the programme is part of a unique internationally oriented research environment, with lecturers from all over the world and connections to research groups.

  • thanks to the close ties with Artificial Intelligence, you can also take courses in that programme.

  • you can follow honours programmes. This is extra challenging education, especially for motivated and talented students.

  • you can become a member of Study Association Babel. They organise activities such as drinks, study trips, lectures and arrange (study) books at a discount.

This is what our students say

Our students know better than anyone why the study programme in Linguistics is a good choice. Below you can read why they chose this programme and what makes it so attractive. See Linguistics in figures on Studiekeuze123 to compare this programme with other national programmes.

Key facts

BA (Bachelor of Arts)
Language of instruction: 
English, Dutch
Mode of study: 
Study duration: 
3 years
Tuition fees: 
Dutch and other EU/EEA students (statutory fee 2024-2025, full-time): € 2,530

Institutional fee 2024-2025: € 11,333 (EU/EEA), € 12,598 (non-EU/EEA)

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