Extracurricular opportunities

Studying at university is a varied and challenging experience. But since not all people are the same, we offer an honours programme to students who want and are able to acquire more depth and breadth in their programme. Do you want to get more out of your studies and develop your talents as much as you can? Then the Geosciences Honours College is perhaps something for you.

What does an honours programme involve?

The Geosciences Honours College is a unique opportunity for you to:

  • acquire more depth: gain deeper knowledge of your Bachelor’s subjects,
  • acquire more breadth: dare to venture beyond the bounds of your Bachelor’s,
  • and develop yourself further: carefully consider and work on your talents and ambitions.
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What will I be doing as an honours student?

During the course of your studies, you’ll take a number of Bachelor’s subjects with an honours component, so that you’ll draw some extra benefits from the course. You’ll also take different honours subjects and attend a weekly honours seminar together with the other honours students of the Faculty of Geosciences. In total, the programme represents 15 study points on top of your Bachelor’s. The Honours College is in English.

Find out more about the honours programme.

Is an honours programme something for me?

The Honours College is for you if you:

  • went through your secondary school with ease
  • have a healthy amount of drive
  • engaged in extra-curricular activities – e.g., plus programme, volunteer work, participation in an association
  • like to look a little further

How do I apply?

In order to apply for the honours programme, you first need to apply for the Bachelor’s programme Global Sustainability Science. After that (but before the start of your studies), you can apply for the Honours College by filling out this form. The Honours College involves a selection process: acceptance is not automatic. The selection is based on your motivation and grades.

Check the short video about Honours: