Procedures for refugees

Utrecht University (UU) provides specific information for future students with a refugee background about studying at UU. Read more about our procedures for refugees on this page.

Open days
During our open days, you can learn more about our study programmes and meet our lecturers and students. There are separate open days for bachelor’s programmes and master’s programmes.

Information sessions
If you are following the UU track at Boswell-Bèta, courses at InclUUsion or are interested in studying at Utrecht University, these sessions will help you found out more:

  • An information session in preparation for visiting an open day.
  • An information session about the selection procedure for studies with limited enrolment: what does it mean, what are the rules and how does it work?
  • You can participate in several activities organised by student associations in Utrecht.
  • The specific dates of these sessions and activities are communicated by Boswell-Bèta and InclUUsion etc.

Utrecht University does not have specific scholarships for refugee students. If you wish to study at UU, we expect you to have sufficient resources to pay for your tuition fees, your rent and your living costs. You might be eligible for support from UAF. If your studies have been delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, you may qualify for some form of compensation, depending on the situation. 

If you have any questions, you can make an appointment with a student counsellor by contacting Student Services. The student counsellor can help you with study-related matters at Utrecht University. Student counsellors cannot help you with questions and information about asylum procedures or family reunification.