Extracurricular opportunities

Economics and Business Economics offers a challenging honours programme for students who wish to take on some extracurricular opportunities. This provides you with a deeper and broader coverage of economic theory and of the analysis of multidisciplinary issues in the field.

What does our programme entail?

The honours programme is a 2,5 year curriculum within the BSc Economics and Business Economics. You attend special versions of the compulsory courses, tailor-made for honours students. You are challenged to actively experiment, explore and integrate insights from other disciplines. In addition, you actually help shape the programme by organising and participating in extracurricular activities (e.g. a congress, a debate, writing a ‘popular science’ column). You also have access to optional honours courses with students from other disciplines and you complete the programme by writing an honours thesis.

The honours components and courses were intellectually stimulating, exposing me to a wide range of theoretical knowledge and equipping me with a strong foundation for my future endeavours.

Student Albert
Honours student Albert

Applications and admission

The honours programme begins in the second semester of the first year. The application and selection procedure takes place in November (after teaching period 1).